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96 Maple Street
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I realize it has been a while since I have updated the blog. This is in no way an indication as to the amount of work being done. It's just that we've entered the much-important, but not as exciting to document, mechanical phase. The rough plumbing and rough heating & cooling are in place. Electrical is scheduled to begin either this week or next.

Emma's bathroom - rough plumbing
The laundry room - rough plumbing
The powder room - rough plumbing

I have also included a photo of the completed, exterior fireplace. It is covered at the top to protect it from the impending (read on-going) bad weather.

Greg, the roofer, was out last week to begin removing the old shingles off the existing house. It seems he is a bit concerned about the condition of some of the roof plywood. Mike, Greg, and Mark are meeting tomorrow (Thursday the 25th) to determine the actual status. We may end up replacing some of the plywood and rafters. Can anyone say "another up charge"!?! The good news is, when all is said and done, we'll basically have an entirely "new" house.

On another front, I went to the plumbing supply store last week and made all our bath/kitchen selections. Who knew there were so many toilets, tubs and faucets...

Also last week, I met with our custom cabinet maker, Eddie. We discussed the kitchen and bath cabinetry, as well as the closet storage units and bedroom window seats. Eddie will also be making the fireplace mantle. George is working on the drawings, but I have indicated a simple, French style...surprise, surprise.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Coming together...

Unfortunately, it is somewhat difficult, with the dumpster in place, to get a good sense of how it all looks together. There are also a few more windows (one a dormer in front bedroom, another a smaller casement type window and then a double casement in the new bedroom) that need to be added over the front porch. We're waiting for the snow to stop before this work can begin. The snow is also preventing the existing shingles from being removed. Greg (the roofer) is anxious to get started...as are we...

Mechanical phase has begun...

The plumbing is the first of the mechanical phases. Mark explained plumbing takes priority because pipes don't bend and there are no other options for placement. Everything else (electrical & HVAC) can work around plumbing.

Plumbing and HVAC will meet on Monday to discuss their "game plan".

Mahlon made the cut out for the basement bathroom.

Brian, the plumber, has begun the tie in to the existing sewer.

First floor - the view from the dining room.

First floor - the view from living room.

Mahlon and his crew are working on the fireplace masonry. The outside is covered for protection from the weather. I will get a picture as soon as it is complete. You will notice all the windows have been boarded up to cut down on the wind and blowing snow. Ah, winter in Cleveland...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Garage is going up...

Mahlon and his crew worked on the fireplace chimney today. They are about halfway finished. This is a photo of the interior; I could not get to the outside as it was already tarped for the impending snow. We made the decision to lower the hearth to be a flush finish. The plan was to hang our French mirror over the fireplace, but unfortunately at 58 inches, the mirror is not going to fit. With the space that needs to be allowed for code, the mantle will be too high. Not sure if you remember but this is the EXACT problem we had when we moved into the last house. Of course the mirror took priority and we we redesigned that fireplace - I do miss those high ceilings.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Roof is on...

And the felt is almost completely installed. The roofer is coming tomorrow to begin removing the old asphalt shingles on the existing house. This will enable Mike to build the dormer and two windows over the front porch. Once those are built, the cedar shingles will go on.

I do not have a picture, but Mahlon laid the cement block for the garage today as well. Mike plans to have the garage framed by the end of the week. Mahlon and his crew also began work on the fireplace chimney. This work will continue tomorrow.

Mechanicals are also scheduled to start this week.

The weather forecast is a stark comparison the last week's. We're expecting almost 40 degrees by Friday - will seem down right balmy!