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96 Maple Street

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96 Maple Street
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mechanical inspections a success...

We begin insulating tomorrow (Thursday, March 25). This will take about three days. The plan is to begin DRY WALL next week!! This is so exciting...it will really seem like a home when the walls go up.

We have finalized the kitchen quote. We will have three tiers of cabinets - white, inset with maple interiors. The same cabinet maker will be fabricating the bathroom vanities, closet interiors and mudroom cubbies - all with a similar look. Cabinet installation will occur near the third week of April. Normally, you would allow the hardwood floor to be installed first and then move to cabinetry, but because of our time constraints, we are doing them simultaneously.

We are still working on the plumbing quote. Apparently the plumber bidding the job did not receive a copy of my initial specs (for example, farmhouse sink, bridge faucet, garden tub, ultra-flush toilets). These are big ticket items that were not estimated. We are "working out the details"...

The exterior siding and trim have been delivered to the mill. It will be primed and milled and should be ready for installation within a couple of weeks.

We have a meeting tomorrow with Ken Shaw - the gentleman fabricating the atrium roof. His drawings are complete, we just need to give our approval, and the piece goes to construction.

The roof installation continues...Greg is now coming around the southwest corner. He estimates (weather permitting) a completion in two weeks. I had no idea this was such a time-consumming, daunting task - each piece is cut to fit. I have the utmost respect for his craft. I would not have the patience. We are sooo happy we chose the shake roof. It was definitely a huge part of our budget, but the impact is immeasurable. I am constantly getting emails and phone calls from friends who pass by and LOVE the roof. Great curb appeal...

Monday, March 15, 2010

A LOT is happening...

We have received "pre-mechanical" inspection approval. Final mechanical inspections are scheduled for Tuesday, March 23.

The furnace will be installed this week. Final plumbing and electrical are being done this week as well.

Insulation is scheduled to begin Wednesday, March 24.

The fireplace has been framed, ready for dry wall.

Gutters have been chosen and should be installed within the next week or two.

Atrium roof is in production - scheduled for completion Monday, May 3. Keep your fingers crossed!!

The shake shingles on the garage roof are almost completely finished. Doesn't it look FANTASTIC? So glad we made the decision to use them, although Audrey wanted to know why we don't have black shingles like everyone else...she and Emma do NOT approve of the cedar shakes.

The basement floor has been poured.
The is the corner where the bathroom has been roughed in. We probably will not finish this bathroom until next spring.
Below is the new basement. It will serve as a rec room for the kids. We plan to carpet this area as well as the original basement where the bathroom will be located. It is difficult to see in these pictures, but there is a step connecting the two areas. Love those festive lights...

Audrey's bathtub/shower has been installed.
Emma's bathtub/shower has been installed.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shakes going on...

I had no idea what a process installing cedar shingles would be...Greg is the "master roofer". It is fascinating to watch this transformation. For every section he is working on, he lays a new layer of netting and roofing paper. For each row, he creates a plumb line to layer the shakes equally. It's like putting a puzzle together. He estimates this job will take him about a month. The section you see here was done in about four hours...as I said, it's a process!

New windows have all been installed...

Notice the two French doors...love them! We're ordering custom-made, wood screen doors for them. Also, using cremone bolts as the locking system.

In an effort to try and salvage some of the historical value of the home, we have decided to retain the two original front doors (one into the dining room and one into the living room) off the front porch, as well as the Dutch door that was the kitchen exterior door. It will now be used as our back door off the mud room. We found a great wood refinisher here in Chagrin. He picked up the doors today and will bring them back fully restored. It's great to be thinking of the "finished" stage.

The electrical rough in began yesterday (Monday) and they are already half way finished! Our hope is to have mechanical inspections by the end of next week.

You will notice there is a temporary roof over the glass atrium. This is in place so that we can move forward finishing the interior. Ken Shaw of Wilson Shaw was out at the house yesterday (Monday). He will be the one fabricating the atrium roof. He is expecting to have the roof ready for installation in seven weeks. We'll remove the temporary roof, and Ken lay his glass roof in place. Sounds simple enough, right??? Keep your fingers crossed.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dormers are in...

The two new dormers over the porch are such a great addition. They really change the look of the house - beautifully ties together the old and the new.

Close-up of the dormers. The one on the left is in Audrey's bedroom. It will be a window seat for her. The one on the right is over the staircase. It is a nice, unexpected detail in the upstairs hallway.

The finished chimney - isn't that sunshine and blue sky BEAUTIFUL!!

The powder room with windows, plumbing in place.

Windows are going in...

The windows arrived on Monday. Mike and Tom have been busy getting them installed. Most of the new construction windows are in place. Replacement window installation, in the original part of the house, is a bit more involved as most replacements are not exactly the same size as the original. These will hopefully be in place within a couple days.

The roofer has finished removing all the old shingles and has prepped the roof for the cedar shingles.

Family room - the fireplace will be encased in drywall.

Master bathroom

Master bedroom - this room will have a cathedral ceiling.

Emma's bedroom - there will be a window seat under the three windows.

Emma's bedroom (sorry for the darkness)