96 Maple Street

96 Maple Street

96 Maple Street

96 Maple Street
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Monday, March 15, 2010

A LOT is happening...

We have received "pre-mechanical" inspection approval. Final mechanical inspections are scheduled for Tuesday, March 23.

The furnace will be installed this week. Final plumbing and electrical are being done this week as well.

Insulation is scheduled to begin Wednesday, March 24.

The fireplace has been framed, ready for dry wall.

Gutters have been chosen and should be installed within the next week or two.

Atrium roof is in production - scheduled for completion Monday, May 3. Keep your fingers crossed!!

The shake shingles on the garage roof are almost completely finished. Doesn't it look FANTASTIC? So glad we made the decision to use them, although Audrey wanted to know why we don't have black shingles like everyone else...she and Emma do NOT approve of the cedar shakes.

The basement floor has been poured.
The is the corner where the bathroom has been roughed in. We probably will not finish this bathroom until next spring.
Below is the new basement. It will serve as a rec room for the kids. We plan to carpet this area as well as the original basement where the bathroom will be located. It is difficult to see in these pictures, but there is a step connecting the two areas. Love those festive lights...

Audrey's bathtub/shower has been installed.
Emma's bathtub/shower has been installed.

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