96 Maple Street

96 Maple Street

96 Maple Street

96 Maple Street
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Roof is on...

And the felt is almost completely installed. The roofer is coming tomorrow to begin removing the old asphalt shingles on the existing house. This will enable Mike to build the dormer and two windows over the front porch. Once those are built, the cedar shingles will go on.

I do not have a picture, but Mahlon laid the cement block for the garage today as well. Mike plans to have the garage framed by the end of the week. Mahlon and his crew also began work on the fireplace chimney. This work will continue tomorrow.

Mechanicals are also scheduled to start this week.

The weather forecast is a stark comparison the last week's. We're expecting almost 40 degrees by Friday - will seem down right balmy!

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