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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hallelujah...we have an atrium!

With the sun shining and not a bit of wind in the air, the crane arrived bright and early this morning. The crew was set up by 7:45am and all four glass panels were installed by 8:30! It was an amazing process to watch...

Notice the crew member sitting on the garage roof. He would relay directions from the atrium installers to the crane operator. They were so non-chalant about it...it seemed so easy.

We did have one heart-stopping moment...after the second panel was put into place, the installer unlocked the suction mechanism from the glass (or so he thought). When the crane operator began to pull away, the glass was lifted about eight inches from the frame. Then, suddenly, it fell back to the structure, even bouncing once. We all caught our breath but all was okay. Whew...guess they were not kidding when they emphasized the strength of this glass.

The view from inside as the installation progressed to the fourth and final panel.

Installing the finishing pieces.


  1. What a beautiful home you have created.
    I am searching for divided light windows and doors. If you purchased yours new, may I ask what brand they are? Are the grids between glass or outside the glass?

  2. Hello again...

    We did purchase everything new: windows are Jeld Wenn, interior doors are Bolection, exterior doors are Rogue Valley and the atrium skylight window was custom-made by Wilson Shaw. I hope that helps.

    Where are you in your process?