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96 Maple Street
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

First floor is taking shape...

The family room, powder room, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, and mud room are already framed. I must confess, John and I both thought it looked a lot bigger on paper. As the framing continues, it is becoming quite apparent just how far we have to go - finish the first floor, the whole second floor, AND the garage! Keep your fingers crossed that the impending cold, snowy weather does not delay our progress.

Had a very successful meeting on Friday with the Jeld Wen window rep. We hope to finalize/place the order on Monday. He assures us the order will arrive in two weeks. This should be good timing as Mike will have finished the framing by then. Mike will be ready to install windows and doors. The roofing will begin then as well.

Because the job site is already so limited in space available, Mark has to be careful not to schedule too much activity at once. Ideally the roofer could be working on the existing roof now, but there is no room for his asphalt shingle removal or for storing the new cedar shingles.

Being a part of this process takes me back to my broadcast production days...so many elements all coming together to create a final product...and within a "tight" budget. A favorite quote in film production is "We'll fix it in post (production)". In construction, we say, "Mike will fix it".

The rear view...you can see where the french doors will go in the family room.

The view into kitchen. I am standing in what will be the garage.

I am standing in what will be the driveway.

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