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96 Maple Street

96 Maple Street

96 Maple Street
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Masonry work continues...

Things are happening quickly now - a lot behind the scenes and cannot be measured easily with a picture.

The foundation has been inspected. Footers have been poured for the fireplace and side porch. The drain tiles are all in. Some of the foundation has been back filled with dirt. The sump pump connection is in place.

Mechanicals - heating and plumbing - visited the job site to day. Plan is for them to get as much as possible in the crawl space as soon as possible.

Mike and Tom put the steel beam in place. Lumber should arrive tomorrow (Wednesday) and framing will begin then.

We did have some challenges arise regarding the storm sewer - not exactly sure what all will be involved to tie into the public system. The original house apparently was not tied into any storm sewer. The gutters just emptied at the foundation.

I will try to get some action shots tomorrow. Our masonry crew is Amish and I have tried to respect their desire to not be photographed.

Footers for the fireplace are under this tarp.

Footers for side porch are under this tarp.

The old floor on what will be the family room has been removed. Dirt has been smoothed. Cement vapor barrier will be poured on Thursday - day after tomorrow.

Steel support is in place. The opening has been created to connect old and new basement. The tarp is hanging to help keep the weather out of the house.

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