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96 Maple Street

96 Maple Street
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Interior construction underway as well...

We saw a window sample today and liked the option. Given that we decided to demo the entire house, we are also now planning to replace all existing windows as well. Originally, we hoped to retain the existing ones, but it is a slippery slope...if you're going to replace all the walls, and add insulation etc., you might as well replace the windows, right? Ah, old house renovations...

The new staircase under construction.

The staircase (side view) with new opening between living room and dining room. John is standing at front door entrance.

The new staircase from the study, looking into dining room. There will be a wall along the staircase which will enclose this room. You will not be able to access the dining room from here.

The original second floor 2X6 joists have all been reinforced with 2X10's. It is AMAZING how much more solid the house already feels.

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