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Monday, December 14, 2009

Road trip

During one of our Architectural Review Board meetings, one of the members told us of an antique dealer they knew that may have some things we would be interested in using. This dealer is located in Tallmadge and specializes in old architectural building materials.

George and I decided it might be worth the trip, so last week we made the voyage to Tallmadge. The weather was brutal - scattered snow and wind chills below zero. I tell you this because the hour and a half we spent "shopping" was OUTSIDE! We were absolutely numb by the time we left.

The place was incredible though and had it been warmer, we may actually have stayed longer. The dealer had three separate buildings/barns each full of different materials. One had nothing but old hardwood flooring - every width and species you can imagine, and a couple staircases as well. Another building housed over 400 interior doors - random widths and heights. And the final building had several old fireplace surrounds/mantles - all styles and sizes.

While the idea of "reusing" is very appealing to us, I don't know that we can really justify the additional cost. Why is it that being "green" is always more expensive? Anyway, for both the doors and the flooring, it would be a very laborious job to retrofit the materials. I do, however, think we will use one of the fireplace mantels we found.

All in all, the trip was worth it. Think we'll visit the treasure trove again...in the warm spring.

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